What we offer



Book a private, one-on-one session for our Made-to-Measure/Custom Bespoke Consultation at our studio with designer Cindy Bam. During this dedicated hour, Cindy will delve into your vision for your special day. You'll have the opportunity to explore styles from our collection or co-create your dream dress, while also discussing preliminary price estimates.

Cindy will expertly assess your body shape (without focusing on your weight) and skillfully utilize design lines to craft a unique, figure-flattering gown tailored exclusively for you. Together, you'll peruse luxurious fabric and lace options. Cindy will personally drape fabric on you and provide sample/mock dresses for you to try, enabling a clearer visualization of your final look.

Additionally, Cindy will examine your mood board to better understand your identity and the message you wish your gown to convey. She'll also offer guidance to brides, providing advice on presenting the bouquet to your bridesmaids, handling the veil, posing techniques for photos, and more.

What will it cost?
Consultation Duration: 1hour 
Consultation Fee: R800

Please note that we only take in a few bespoke orders per month, so do not delay in contacting us.

Price for Custom Bridal: R35 000/R45 000/R50 000 and up.
Price for Custom Evening: Matric Dance & Mother-of-bride: R15 000/R20 000/ and up.

All prices include using in-house fabrics. Specific fabrics, like silk, embroidered fabric or a specific lace design can be sourced and quoted for.

Your unique dress pattern will be drafted on your measurements, a mock will be made first to pin and adjust on your body, and you will have 5-6 fittings.

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If you're excited to purchase a Cindy Bam gown, have a specific budget in mind, and are keen on getting the best value while still dazzling in style, then this option is perfect for you!

Book a private, one-on-one fitting at our studio and,

  • Spend an hour fitting existing, one-of-a-kind dresses.
  • You buy the dress on the day and take her home with you.
  • Should the dress require alteration, please book an Alteration/Remodel Appointment.
  • Should you wish to change/remodel the dress, please book an Alteration/Remodel Appointment.

What will it cost?
Fitting Duration: up to 1hour 
Fitting Fee: R450/R650

Please note, this is an appointment to fit existing dresses only and not a consultation to design a dress for you.

Buy an existing bridal gown: R15 000/R20 000/R25 000 and up.
Order an existing bridal gown: R20 000/ R25 000/R30 000 and up.

Buy an existing evening gown: R6 000/R8 000/R12 000 and up.
Order an existing evening gown: R10 000/ R15 000/R20 000 and up.

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We offer a curated range of unique dresses available for rental, ideal for wedding guests, special events, or professional photoshoots.

Book a private, one-on-one fitting at our studio and,

  • Spend 30 - 60min fitting existing, one-of-a-kind hiring dresses.
  • Book the dress you love for your event date, arrange collection, and return dates.
  • Should the dress require alteration or remodelling, please book an Alteration/Remodelling Appointment.
  • If you have a specific dress in mind, and it is not in our hiring collection, then please book a Bespoke Consultation with designer Cindy Bam to discuss the possibility of Made-to-Hire.
  • Please note that we cannot reserve a wedding and event dress for longer than three months prior to the event date.
  • Photoshoot dresses are collected the day before the photoshoot and returned the day after.
  • There is a holding deposit payable that will be refunded should the dress be returned on time, without any damage.
  • If the dress is returned with minor damage, we will withhold the deposit and you might receive an invoice if the deposit doesn't cover the damage costs.
  • If the dress is damaged or stained beyond repair, or stolen while in your care, you will be held liable for the full value of the dress.
  • We will arrange dry-cleaning, and an additional dry-cleaning fee might be added to your quote.

What will it cost?
Fitting Duration: up to 1hour
Fitting Fee: R450

Price to hire Ready-to-wear Evening: R2 500/R15 000 and up.

Additional Cost:
Dry Cleaning (if applicable R500/R1 000/R1 600)
Refundable Holding deposit (R500/R1000 +)
Alterations (to be quoted if applicable)

HIRING: Cancellation Policy
Please see below our current cancellation policy.
Please let us know as soon as possible on fittings@cindybam.com if you need to cancel your rental.
If you let us know 30 days or more before your rental start date: 
  • we will be able to reschedule your rental to a new future date, or
  • issue you with a rental gift-card to the value of your rental amount which will be valid for 3 months, or
  • cancel your rental and issue you with a full refund if it was cancelled 30 days before your event date.
If you let us know on short notice of less than 30 days from your rental start date, then:
  • we are unable to refund the rental amount, reschedule or issue you with a refund. This is due to costs already incurred such as time/admin, saying no to other potential clients and loss of income, steaming garment, etc.

Contact us for more Terms and Conditions.
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If you've purchased a dress from Cindy Bam or elsewhere and find the fit less than ideal or desire to transform an existing dress into a new style, this service is tailored for you!

During a dedicated 30 to 60-minute session, Cindy Bam will work closely with you, assessing the fit of your dress and exploring alteration possibilities or the potential for dress remodeling, all within your specified budget. Following this consultation, a detailed quotation will be provided, and Andree will coordinate subsequent fitting appointments upon acceptance of the quotation.

For the best fitting experience, kindly wear well-fitted undergarments and bring along your event shoes, allowing us to accurately mark your hems during the session.

What will it cost?
Duration: 30 to 60min
Fittings and Collection Fee: R450

Estimate Price:
Labour (example): Cutting and sewing plain hems (3 layers), adjusting straps, adding, or removing cups, adding covered boning. R3 500 and up, plus 2 to 3 Fittings.

Please note that we only take in limited alteration and remodelling orders, so do not delay in contacting us.

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We highly recommend scheduling a Virtual Consultation with designer Cindy Bam prior to your in-person visit if:

  • You reside outside of Cape Town or are unable to physically attend but seek Cindy Bam's professional advice.
  • You're uncertain about initiating the dress planning process, unsure of your preferences, and require expert guidance; alternatively, you have a clear vision and seek a couture designer's assistance in materializing your ideas.
  • You wish to explore specific styles, determine the most flattering options for you, or learn about various fabric choices.
  • Understanding the distinctions among couture designers, dressmakers, and bridal shops offering mass-produced dresses is important to you. You may also seek insights into wedding dress costs and ways to achieve your dream dress within a specified budget.
  • You've already purchased a dress elsewhere and seek advice on alterations or desire to repurpose your mother's dress for your wedding.
  • You have inquiries about our services, the appropriate appointment to schedule, booking procedures, or the production timeline.
    Whatever your questions, we're here for you.

      What will it cost?
      Duration: up to 30min
      Price: R500


      Throughout the consultation, Cindy will guide you in determining the most suitable service for your needs, whether it's our ready-to-wear collection or a custom design.

      Following this discussion, we'll schedule your subsequent appointment at our studio, offering a discounted rate from the standard appointment fee associated with each service.

      Once you've accepted the quotation, any fittings required (typically ranging from 1 to 3 fittings) will be seamlessly integrated into the quoted price, provided at no additional cost to you.

      Click here to book a Virtual Consultation with Cindy Bam.