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When you book a Consultation with Cindy Bam, it is important to remember that you book with a designer and not a dressmaker, stylist or sales assistant.

Book a private, one-on-one, Made-to-Measure/Custom Bespoke Consultation at our studio with designer, Cindy Bam. She will work with you to understand your vision for your special day, spend an hour with her, fitting styles that are in our collection or design your dream dress, and discuss price estimates.

Cindy will look at your body shape, (not your weight) and use design lines to create a unique, one-of-a-kind, figure flattering dress for you. Together you will look at luxury fabric and lace options. Cindy will drape fabric on you, and you will try on sample/mock dresses to get a better understanding of your final look.

Cindy will also look at your mood board to get a better understanding of who you are and what you would like your gown to say about you. She will give advice to brides on when to give the bouquet to your bridesmaids, what to do when your veil is lifted, ways to stand when taking photos etc.

What will it cost?
Consultation Duration: 1hour 
Consultation Fee: R800

Please note that we only take in a few bespoke orders per month, so do not delay in contacting us.

Price for Custom Bridal: R35 000/R45 000/R50 000 and up.
Price for Custom Evening: Matric Dance & Mother-of-bride: R15 000/R20 000/ and up.

All prices include using in-house fabrics. Specific fabrics, like silk, embroidered fabric or a specific lace design can be sourced and quoted for.

Your unique dress pattern will be drafted on your measurements, a mock will be made first to pin and adjust on your body, and you will have 5-6 fittings.

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If you are ready and serious to buy a Cindy Bam gown, have a set budget and want to get the cost down as low as possible but still want to look stunning, then this is the option.

Book a private, one-on-one fitting at our studio and,

  • Spend an hour fitting existing, one-of-a-kind dresses.
  • You buy the dress on the day and take her home with you.
  • Should the dress require alteration, please book an Alteration/Remodel Appointment.
  • Should you wish to change/remodel the dress, please book an Alteration/Remodel Appointment.

What will it cost?
Fitting Duration: up to 1hour 
Fitting Fee: R450/R650

Please note, this is an appointment to fit existing dresses only and not a consultation to design a dress for you.

Buy an existing bridal gown: R15 000/R20 000/R25 000 and up.
Order an existing bridal gown: R20 000/ R25 000/R30 000 and up.

Buy an existing evening gown: R6 000/R8 000/R12 000 and up.
Order an existing evening gown: R10 000/ R15 000/R20 000 and up.

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We have a selection of one-of-a-kind dresses available to hire for weddings, functions, or photoshoots.

Book a private, one-on-one fitting at our studio and,

  • Spend 30 - 60min fitting existing, one-of-a-kind hiring dresses.
  • Book the dress you love for your event date, arrange collection, and return dates.
  • Should the dress require alteration or remodelling, please book an Alteration/Remodelling Appointment.
  • If you have a specific dress in mind, and it is not in our hiring collection, then please book a Bespoke Consultation with designer Cindy Bam to discuss the possibility of Made-to-Hire.
  • Please note that we cannot reserve a wedding and event dress for longer than three months prior to the event date.
  • Photoshoot dresses are collected the day before the photoshoot and returned the day after.
  • There is a holding deposit payable that will be refunded should the dress be returned on time, without any damage.
  • If the dress is returned with minor damage, we will withhold the deposit and you might receive an invoice if the deposit doesn't cover the damage costs.
  • If the dress is damaged or stained beyond repair, or stolen while in your care, you will be held liable for the full value of the dress.
  • We will arrange dry-cleaning, and an additional dry-cleaning fee might be added to your quote.

What will it cost?
Fitting Duration: up to 1hour
Fitting Fee: R450/R650

Price to hire a Ready-to-Wear Bridal: R10 000/R15 000 and up.
Price to hire Ready-to-wear Evening: R2500/R5 000 and up.

Additional Cost:
Dry Cleaning (if applicable R500/R1000/R1600)
Refundable Holding deposit (R500/R1000 +)
Alterations (to be quoted if applicable)

Contact us for more Terms and Conditions.
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You bought a dress from Cindy Bam, or elsewhere, and the fit is not as you would like it to be, or you wish to remodel an existing dress to create a new style, then this option is for you!

Cindy Bam will spend 30 to 60min with you, fitting your dress and discussing alteration options or remodelling of the dress, according to your budget. She will then send you a quotation and Andree will arrange further fitting appointments once the quotation has been accepted.

Please wear well-fitting underwear garments and bring your event shoes with you for us to mark your hems.

What will it cost?
Duration: 30 to 60min
Fitting and Collection Fee: R450

Estimate Price:
Labour (example): Cutting and sewing plain hems (3 layers), adjusting straps, adding, or removing cups, adding covered boning. R2800 and up.
Please note that we only take in limited alteration and remodelling orders, so do not delay in contacting us.

Click here to book an Alteration or Dress Remodelling Appointment.


We recommend you book a Virtual Consultation with designer Cindy Bam before you visit us in person, if;

  • You are not from Cape Town or unable to come in for a consultation but still want Cindy Bam's advice.
  • You don’t know where to start with your dress planning, not sure of what you want and need an expert to guide you, or you know what you want and would like to book a couture designer to assist you in making your vision a reality.
  • You want to learn more about a specific style, what style will look flattering on you or the different fabric options.
  • You want to understand the difference between couture designers, dressmakers or bridal shops that import mass produced dresses. What wedding dresses can cost and why. Or how to get your dream dress within an allocated budget.
  • Maybe you bought a dress elsewhere and need advice on alterations or you want to remodel your mothers dress for your wedding.
  • You have questions about what we offer, which appointment to book, how to book or the production process.
Whatever your questions, we're here for you.

    What will it cost?
    Duration: up to 30min
    Price: R500

    PLEASE NOTE: During the consultation, Cindy will advise you which of our services you should continue with, ready-to-wear or custom.
    We will then book your follow-up appointment at our studio. This appointment will be discounted from the normal appointment fee stated for each service.
    The fittings after acceptance of the quotation, normally another 1-3 fittings, will be included in the quotation free of charge.

    Click here to book a Virtual Consultation with Cindy Bam.