We highly recommend scheduling a Virtual Consultation with designer Cindy Bam prior to your in-person visit if:

  • You reside outside of Cape Town or are unable to physically attend but seek Cindy Bam's professional advice.
  • You're uncertain about initiating the dress planning process, unsure of your preferences, and require expert guidance; alternatively, you have a clear vision and seek a couture designer's assistance in materializing your ideas.
  • You wish to explore specific styles, determine the most flattering options for you, or learn about various fabric choices.
  • Understanding the distinctions among couture designers, dressmakers, and bridal shops offering mass-produced dresses is important to you. You may also seek insights into wedding dress costs and ways to achieve your dream dress within a specified budget.
  • You've already purchased a dress elsewhere and seek advice on alterations or desire to repurpose your mother's dress for your wedding.
  • You have inquiries about our services, the appropriate appointment to schedule, booking procedures, or the production timeline.
    Whatever your questions, we're here for you.

      What will it cost?
      Duration: up to 30min
      Price: R500


      Throughout the consultation, Cindy will guide you in determining the most suitable service for your needs, whether it's our ready-to-wear collection or a custom design.

      Following this discussion, we'll schedule your subsequent appointment at our studio, offering a discounted rate from the standard appointment fee associated with each service.

      Once you've accepted the quotation, any fittings required (typically ranging from 1 to 3 fittings) will be seamlessly integrated into the quoted price, provided at no additional cost to you.

      Click here to book a Virtual Consultation with Cindy Bam.